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Isometric Pipe design

2 usd

This app helps in drawing quick isometric pipe sketches along with elbows, valves and T-joints.Purpose - The purpose of this app is to help in drawing quick pipe sketches, communicate ideas on the field, or review designs with your supervisor before making a detailed design in a CAD software.
Watch the promo video for detailed instructions. The URL for the same -
Features - 1. Change the diameter of the pipe2. Create elbows and T-joints and rotate them to the corresponding angle3. Create valves and miscellaneous joints ( you can use misc. joints to represent reducers., for example)4. Touch and tap the pipe to move it behind all the pipes ( useful feature when pipes overlap)5. Pen mode for quick comments6. Erase mode to delete pipes and joints7. Change grid to visible/invisible (use invisible grid to take screenshot)
Take a tablet screen snapshot, save to a camera image and use that image for sharing, printing or email purposes. The ability to save a design will be added in the future versions.
Comments and suggestions welcome to make this better!